Thorsten Wolf

PD Dr. rer. nat.

pronova BKK

Health insurance

• pronova BKK, a major German statutory health insurance
• Data to Decision AG, Hamburg (2nd occupation)
• University of Osnabrueck, Institute for Health and Education (associate professor)

• internal adviser at pronova BKK, working for the statutory health insurance since 12 years
• associate professor at the University of Osnabrueck (health and education)
• internal adviser at Data to Decision AG, Hamburg
• member of the HealthCareFuturists
• academic background
o experimental pharmacology and toxicology
o alternatives to animal testing (developer of the “HET-MN-“genotoxicity test)

Main interests
• statutory health insurance / German public health care system
• drugs / medication
• health services research, data interpretation
• health care plan development
• interdisciplinary networking with focus on medicine
• negotiating with stakeholders in the health care system
• strategic contracting