Ronald Voigt

Central Krankenversicherung

Health insurance

Ronald Voigt is press spokesman of Generali`s health insurer. After studying communication and business studies, he started as a tv journalist for the german public channels of ARD. His first programme focussed on one of the many reforms of the german public health care system. From then on he kept very much in touch with health care issues. As a lobbyist for the steel employers union in Berlin he and his scientific community exposed inefficiencies in the healthcare sector and fought for a health insurance that relieves the next generaltion from paying for the present generation. As spokesman for Generali´s health insurer Central Krankenversicherung and Envivas Krankenversicherung he managed to focuss all the public relations work aorund the health issue. Central stands for one of the most innovative health care management systems in the private health insurance sector. With the sucessfull study „Praxis Dr. Internet“ he uncovered which deseases the germans look up on Google and which quality the hits have. Ronald Voigt lives with his wife and three children in Cologne.