Dr. Johannes Jacubeit


Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Dr. Johannes Jacubeit is a medical doctor, software developer and an inspiring entrepreneurial enthusiast. In his youth, he has won multiple awards, e.g. first prize of the german state award for young musicians (Violoncello). Professionally he has worked as a surgeon and in hospital management. Two years ago he founded connected-health.eu GmbH, a hamburg based digital health company. Investors include the city of Hamburg via “InnovationsStarter”, the leading german seed-investor “High-Tech-Gründerfonds” and others. As part of a  3,7mio € syndicate grant, issued by the city of Hamburg, his product app.lifetime.eu will enable mainstream digital health adoption for hamburg’s citizens. Recently he was promoted as member of the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg Healthcare Board and was awarded with the prestigious “MIT – Innovator under 35” award issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.