Dr. Tobias Daniel Gantner

– MD, MBA, LL. M. –

Health Care Futurists


Dr. Tobias Daniel Gantner, MD, MBA, LL. M. studied medicine, philosophy, economics and law in Germany, Switzerland, the PR of China and the USA. After his residency in transplant surgery, he worked with Siemens on international consulting mandates. His next positions included Novartis pharma strategy and head of health economics and outcomes research. At Bayer Healthcare, he built the department of Market Access from scratch. He is founder and CEO of the “HealthCare Futurists GmbH”, an international network and think tank from experts of diverse disciplines with a focus on medicine, health-care and life sciences. His interest goes out to disruptive innovations in the health-care system in systemic, political and technologic aspects and the change of business models rooted in it. He leads the „In-Algorithmo Diagnostics Group“, that is dealing with topics in predictive health-care rooted in big data and the inherent change of business models in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the revised approach towards patients and clients. Currently he is operating as Director Health Economics & Market Access at Janssen-Cilag. Tobias Gantner holds a number of teaching appointments in the fields of health-care management, management strategy, decision-theory, market access and Innovation in health-care. He is speaker in topics related to the future in health-care, medicine and life sciences. He is the at the core circle of the innovate.healthcare team and acts as moderator of the venue. Consult him for a transdisciplinary reality check of your challenge solution.