Dr. Thomas Westphal

Glawe Delfs Moll

Legal / Patent Lawyer

Dr. Thomas Westphal being a partner of the partnership GLAWE DELFS MOLL helps his biotech and medtech clients to obtain the best possible protection for their innovations and to thereby safeguard a lead on the competition. Having a strong scientific background (Biology studies at Lomonossow-University of Moscow, Doctoral thesis in the field of chromatin structure at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle) he speaks the same language as the inventors of his clients. He advises and represents the clients in his function as a German and European patent attorney in particular in patent, trademark and design law before German and European offices and courts since more than 10 years.  His voluntary activity covers, inter alia, guest lecturing at the PATONACADEMY of the Technical University of Ilmenau on Intellectually Property Rights in Eastern Europe and he is an active member of the advisory board at the Russia’s specialized IP court.