„Get and Stay Healthy“


In Germany, social health insurances are allowed to reward their client’s health-conscious lifestyle. Whether they make use of services in order to prevent illnesses or if they exercise in a gym. Up to now Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers a reward scheme to anyone who shows strong commitment to his health. The incentive: TK will take care of costs for medical services that are usually not covered by social health insurers.


Our current problem is that our clients are only able to collect bonus points by sending in a written document signed and stamped by a doctor or a coach, that they have attended a non-smoking course or a sport training on a regular basis. These confirmations have to be send in by post or electronic mail. Any form of private training, not overseen by a coach, cannot be counted towards a possible bonus. Digitalization now offers us new opportunities as health-conscious behavior can be safely and validly rewarded.

Actual Challenge

Create a new concept and / or business model for our “Get and Stay Healthy” reward scheme that is attractive for our clients and reduces the current administrative effort.

These questions might help you in creating this new concept and / or business model:

  • Which means of communication should TK offer to transfer data from the client to the operator of reward schemes?
  • How can the “Get and stay healthy” reward scheme make use of wearables?
  • Which data are necessary to be transferred to the TK for the reward scheme?
  • Speaking about rewards: What should TK offer as an incentive to live a healthier life?
  • Any other aspects of digitization to be considered?

The aim is to develop a digital solution for TK’s reward scheme. If you are interested in „Get and Stay Healthy“, join our challenge! We are excited to work with you! TK- #SmartHealth

Can you find a solution to this challenge?
Challenge owner: Ronja Kanitz (TK)