„Technology Assisted Living for Seniors“


With increasing age patients spend more and more time in their homes. Especially with impeded mobility of elderly people, their own four walls become the center of their lives.  All the more a forced relocation into nursing homes is an unpleasant experience. In a time in which the sense of security is shaken through health issues, it is even more important to enable elderly people to stay in their own homes and social environment. This is also of social and economic importance since demographic change is challenging our healthcare system.


How can technology provide elderly people with a sense of security and enable them to live in their homes as long as possible? Real-time monitoring of patients in their own homes and telecare is already available. Such technologies prevent unwanted relocations into nursing homes or homes for the elderly. However, they also involve many different stakeholders that result in an intricate web of single products rather than one single solution.

Actual Challenge

Develop a business model that provides solutions to support elderly people living in their own home. Some questions to consider may be:


  • Which major problem areas exist and how can technology help?
  • How to design a scalable business model?
  • Who should respond if patients or technology trigger an alarm?
  • Which chances and opportunities exist – how could these translate into a finished concept?
  • Are there synergies amongst the diverse stakeholders that can be used?


Can you find a solution to this challenge?
Challenge owner: Elisabeth Klager & Baran Topbas (Philips)