Betsy Lindsey


Investor Relations

Betsy Lindsey, Managing Director of Investor Relations at HighTechXL, is a financial strategist, and an enthusiastic networker with a zeal for innovation and entrepreneurship. She has over 18 years of international business management and investment experience. She first started working with startups in 1997, as a paralegal at Perkins Coie, a corporate law firm. While finishing her technology management MBA at the University of Washington, she worked at Silicon Valley Bank helping startups and later-stage companies obtain venture investment and debt financing. Prior to joining HighTechXL, she was a project consultant for the Wachovia/Wells Fargo merger integration in the Asia region, where she led a cross-functional team that assimilated business lines and technology platforms in 13 offices in Asia to meet the merger milestones.

Betsy is a native English speaker and dabbles in Dutch with her two fluently bilingual and energetic children. The thread of sustainability runs strong through Betsy’s life – she seeks both to support sustainable technologies and to find ways of making existing businesses more sustainable. She firmly believes that HighTechXL has the potential – through its support of such sustainable technology startups – to positively impact people’s lives across the planet.